Welcome to Florida! Sand, sun, surf, palm trees and beaches… paradise. Although nature has it’s own beauty, to obtain your own personal ideals, Mother Nature has set a high price. Whether you are a full-time resident, occasionally vacation, or are looking to retire we would all like to feel comfortable and relaxed in our homes. With the proper knowledge and research, there are many steps that can be made to establish a plan to achieve that goal.

Sunset Chair

Throughout history, nothing brings people closer together or gives a person a sense of tranquility better than nature. Each and every part of this world has it’s own beauty consistent with the resources nature has provided for that environment. Each atmosphere is a very meticulous balance of the five elements of life… earth, fire, water, wind and spirit. Choosing to work with a landscape artist who respects and understands these elements and is knowledgeable of Florida’s environment is the first step towards creating a space that is comfortable for you and functional for years to come.


About landscapeartist

The Landscape Artist Online is where you will find one of Tampa’s finest undiscovered talents. His music, his art, his soul all come together to create the most exquisite works of art ever seen!


  1. Hello Everyone! I am excited to present you with the fourth and greatest yet… Landscape Artist Website! This is the Official Landscape Artist’s website. Here you will find everything you wanted to know about Florida Landscaping, and how to keep your Landscape Investment looking great for years. If you have a question, now you can ask your hearts out! …Yes! This website allows you to access our trained professionals to help you save money on landscaping! Also, for those fans of the Landscape Artist’s music, you will be able to download the music right from this site. and as always, the Landscape Artwork can be viewed in the gallery. Welcome and explore this site often!

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