How Important Is Soil?

Is your lawn dead or dying?  Tired of replacing grass over and over?  Well, in Florida there are some serious challenges to overcome to keep a healthy lawn.  The most important ingredient for success is WATER.  It doesn’t matter how much fertilizer you put down or how much sun your yard gets, if the yard doesn’t get enough water, the lawn will become stressed and eventually die.  There are many factors to keeping a lawn healthy, but with all of the restrictions on chemicals, fertilizers, and (most importantly) WATER… keeping a green lawn will become very costly and bring back poor returns on the investment.

Soil composition is also a major factor to consider.  Many times this is the reason why the lawn never has a chance at good health.  Of all the yards we have worked in where the grass had been completely dead, or seriously stressed to the point of no return had one thing in common… the soil base was “sugar sand”.

Sugar sand is ultra fine and is so light that it acts as a moisture barrier. Not allowing water to break through, often water will actually bead on the surface like it would on a waxed surface on a car!  It will take a while before the water actually breaks the barrier and penetrates its way through layers deep enough to hold the moisture.  Once this happens, the ground will act as a sponge and just take in gallons without puddling.  In a typical Florida day, where the sun can bake an egg on a rock… this moist soil will dry out in a few hours.

Growing a lawn on this type of soil base is not going to be easy, and in most cases impossible, due to watering restrictions. There simply isn’t enough water to keep this soil base from drying out.

Watch the video below and you will understand better why your lawn is dying.

The good news is that there is a better option than a grass yard.  This method of landscaping will outlast any grass yard and look better longer with little care and maintenance.

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