Southern Chinch Bug

Chinch Bug Damage

Chinch Bug Damage

The Southern Chinch Bug is a hard lawn pest to control.  Their active season is between the months of March through November in areas of the northern part of the state to central Florida.  Chinch bug activity is a year round battle in the southern part of Florida.  If you have a St. Augustine lawn, you more than likely have this enemy living in it.  There are many products that claim to rid your lawn of these little critters, but most people have had to replace large portions of their lawn over and over without much luck.  Below is a video that will show you the face of this enemy of your lawn and wallet!  It might also make you want to seek other alternatives to a grass yard.

Signs of Trouble

Chinch bug damage usually starts in areas that dry out quickly like near side walks, driveways and curbs.  Also, poorly irrigated areas are good feeding grounds for chinch bugs.  The damage is barely noticeable at first,then the damage could take over a huge part of your lawn before you even realize they are present.

Grass yards are high maintenance, not low maintenance.  If you want a lawn, be prepared to spend more money than you did to put it in, to care for it.  A lawn will cost you thousands in care and maintenance, because you will replace it over and over and over.  Beside the water, fertilizer, and  pest control, your soil composition is a huge factor… oh, and Chinch Bugs!


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