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wasting_moneyIf you want to save big on landscaping, this article should interest you. I talk to many people daily about replacing or refurbishing their existing landscaping. One thing everyone has in common is that they all want to spend as little as possible. This is normal to want to do, but what if you were installing a swimming pool… would you want your contractor to cut corners to give you a great price? What if you were having a roof installed, would you be okay if the contractor used cheap materials or just placed new tile or shingles over rotten wood? These are very stupid questions to ask, I know… because if your pool contractor installs a less than quality job, you could experience issues that would require the job to be undone and redone. Same with the roof… if you had a bad roof and after hiring a professional to install a new one you had a leak in less than a year, how much did you really save?

Do it right the first time and you will save money.

Why is there enough money to do a job twice and never enough to do it right the first time?  Doing a job twice will not save you money. Doing it right the first time (even if you spend more up front) will. Some people that I talk to don’t see the value in putting money “into the yard”. Actually, if the investment is done professionally and is of quality, it will return better than any other home improvement project bar none. If you still don’t see value in a landscape project, consider not doing one (unless you like wasting your time and money). Of course, if this is an activity you do enjoy, follow your heart.

Most people do not know what they really want even though they really do. What most people really want is to save their money and get the best price on a quality project. Unfortunately, quality takes time and money. Lets say you hire someone to install a patio area because they had a price that was in your budget. This company offers you a low price but doesn’t tell you what is involved. Once they start, they cut corners and leaves out crucial steps that compromise the integrity of the project. While saving time they pave over your sewer clean-out and forget to grade the patio so rain water collects by the building and your doorstep. Another company is hired to correct that years later (after failed attempts to get the first company out to fix the problem for good). Who would you wish you had hired first?

Save your money and theirs too.

Selling a home is where a lot of waste happens. Surprisingly, thousands go to waste when a seller does a “quickie” to make a home flashy and clean to sell. That seller may spend a thousand or two in rocks to put into the planting beds for a clean look, but science will work against the buyer when the plants die of thirst in that rock bed and need to be taken out. That rock may have cost the seller a couple of thousand to install, but the buyer will spend at least that to remove and dispose of it.

Plants are living material and when using plants you need to consider that they need an environment to live in. Would you prefer to live in a desert environment where it is hot, dry and water was not available, or would you like it better if you could get a relief from the heat along with a sip of water once in a while. Dumb question? Think that way before you spend money doing that.

Invest wisely or just keep the cash in your pocket.

If you want the home you are selling to attract buyers, invest wisely on a feature that will attract buyers. Obviously, clean up the place if it has been let go, but to cover the planting beds with rock is not a good investment to make. The pictures may look good online, but people will go to see the actual home in the pictures, and what they see will appear to them as a band-aid to cover something you are trying to hide. A quality landscape project will reflect a seller that takes pride in their home. The outside is a reflection of the inside of a home.

In conclusion, the best way to save money is to first stop wasting it.  Here is another article I wrote on smart landscaping tips for Angie’s List.

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  1. I read your article about saving money and totally agree. I had a porch installed 3 years ago and they never took into account the grading issue in the yard and have had water issues since. I have had numerous landscapers come to my house and its been quite the experience. Added windows to my porch and added a threshold to my porch door thinking that would solve the problem. Now have a drainage system in place and seems to work ok, but really would love to add a nice design in the back to make this drainage and yard look better. Already spend thousand due to the initially problem with adding the porch. This article is so right and I agree with everything in it. I wish I knew more about landscaping before I added that porch. Still thinking of doing some landscaping just want it done right . Thanks for a great article and really applies to my situation. Hope others read it as well.

  2. florida vacation rental by owner says:

    When someone writes an paragraph he/she retains the image of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it.
    Thus that’s why this article is perfect. Thanks!

    • That is how I write… My articles usually begin as questions asked by potential or existing clients. In my day to day, I have the opportunity to meet many wonderful people with questions about their landscaping. I freely share my knowledge and experience with anyone who asks me. This website allows me to expand on that and reach out to a much broader audience… so, if you have a question… try me!

  3. Shayla says:

    Hello your Article is really helpful to me also. Its very difficult to save money while if you are thinking to do landscaping or selling home but nice trick or tips you have given, I really appreciate your knowledge and way of thinking. I will really apply these things in my Future. Thanks.

    • There is no trick and saving money is always easy to do if you cut out the waste. People think that saving a buck is doing a job yourself, but without the proper knowledge or experience you actually pay more in the end.
      If you don’t know how to do a job like the pros, hire one. In the end you will have something of value… and save more than just money.

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