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14th annual community water wise awardsOn October 25,2012, Landscape Artist client, Steve Toenes was awarded the 2012 Community Water-Wise award for having the best Florida Friendly Landscape in the Tampa Area.  Steve had done a lot of research on the Florida Friendly concept prior to hiring anyone to consult with.  The testimonial video featured below shows Steve’s dilemma to replace his dead lawn with a new one.  The video also shows the things he considered as the decision was made to do away with grass all together in his front yard.  Grass-less yards are becoming more popular as the droughts continue to take their toll on homeowners across Florida.

As a result of going grass-less,  Steve got exactly what he was looking for ten fold!  His yard was picked the winner of the 2012 Community Water Wise Award!

Below is a letter informing him that he had won the award and why.


Letter from Hillsborough County Extension to Steve Toenes.

Steve’s yard not only won an award locally, but also grabbed international interest from  Tianjin Ifeng Space Media Company, a publishing and global book distribution company in China!  Click on the link below and you can see what quality books they publish and distribute.  

Ifeng Space

To get a peek at Steve’s yard in the book, you can check it out on the Photo page on this website or on the main page on scroll down and look for the IfengSpace  logo.

Florida Friendly Landscaping is becoming more widely accepted as a means to an end to wasteful watering practices and the need to use chemicals to manage a healthy yard.  The least you can expect is a lower water bill and less time in the Florida heat cutting your lawn!  If you are on a well or reclaim water, just know that water is water… City water is treated for your use, that is why it is metered and you get a bill!  every drop we can save will keep your children from standing in lines in the future for water to drink  PLEASE THINK OF THEM!

If every one of us do our part to be more responsible with this very precious resource, the future for our children becomes a little more bright with each act of thoughtfulness.  Water is the essence of life, without it our fate is sealed!  Just imagine what a community working together can do to save our children from certain death if we ALL start to think more about them and less on having grass in our yards!  Something so simple as that can make a huge difference.

 Steve Toenes is only one of many people in the community that have taken this step and now have seen the instant benefits …their water bill!  Steve Toenes’ yard thrives on rain!  Another client, Tom Fay, also watched his water bill go down from $500 per month  to $88 per month.  You can read Tom’s story here, as it was written in Angie’s List magazine (April 2012 issue).


The Landscape Artist featured in Angie’s List Magazine

In 2011, Sadree Landscape Design earned Angie’s List highest honor …the Super Service Award!  We are very proud to be recognized as a service provider on Angie’s List, and the Super Service Award speaks volumes of our valued reputation.

 Angie’s List Magazine contacted us in March of 2012 to ask us about the Florida Friendly Landscape design concept.  In their “Green Issue” (April 2012), Michael Schroeder interviewed one of our clients, Tom Fay of  New Port Richey.  Tom hired us after many failed attempts to revive a zoysia lawn that he had professionally installed a year prior. As his water bills exceeded $500 per month with little improvement, the idea of a grass-less yard began to become more attractive.

I worked with Tom through emails and phone conversations from start to finish.  In the end, we delivered a grass-less paradise garden for Tom and his wife to enjoy for many years to come.  We also reduced his irrigation system down to 3 zones watering 15 minutes each, from 7 zones watering 1 hour per zone!  Savings like that is worth writing about!

Angie's List Magazine

Green Issue (April 2012)


Below are some more photos of Tom’s yard.


Fay Front Yard

BELOW: Indian Hawthorns A.K.A. Deer Magnets!

Fay Side Yard

BELOW: Coontie Palms …I just Love these!

Coontie Palm

BELOW: We call this the “Fire Flower” …do you see the flower?

Stone Fire Pit

…Ok, maybe just a little grass!

Stone Retaining Wall

This kind of lawn is Florida friendly!  IT NEVER NEEDS WATER, and ALWAYS THIS GREEN!

Artificial Grass

If you feel as frustrated as Tom was, and are ready to go grass-less…  we are definitely a good fit!  There are many ideas that we can work up together that will fit your taste and budget… I promise!  There is an alternative to a grass yard… one that will save you thousands of your hard-earned dollars in the years to come!  Call me, and let’s get started!

Landscape Artist in the News!

Hello Dear Visitors

One thing that we are very proud of here at Sadree Landscape Design is our reputation. This took many years to establish, and for that is why we don’t just do any type of jobs that come our way. We feel that if we can’t satisfy each and every client that comes to us for service, then why even attempt the job? This doesn’t mean that we turn everyone who comes to us away, but sometimes we are just not a fit. Most of the time we are, and we give credit to the hard work that goes into the websites, and the time our clients take to go through them to see if we are a fit.

Well, as a result of our hard work we have done together, I want to share the rewards of all of this with everyone. We are very proud to be a quality service provider here in Tampa, and all over the rest of this great state of Florida.

The Tampa Tribune took notice to our work and did an article on “The Art of Landscaping”.

Tampa Tribune Article

The Art of Landscaping


Landscaping is an art, but one that is tied to things that are living.  Knowing this very important fact is only the beginning of a path to a successful outcome.  Application is where the real results are to be found!  Landscaping is a delicate balance of artistic creation and science.  Both sides have to be considered if one is to achieve any level of success.

Having a landscape that is hardy but lacks aesthetic appeal or is just plain green on green makes for a boring design.  On the other hand, having a landscape design that is mainly all colorful plants can also become a maintenance nightmare,  especially if you live in an area where temperatures can plummet below freezing.  In a case like this, you will have to replace all of your prized plants (and most of your investment)!

If you are like the many that have to have grass… I hate to be the one to break the bad news to you.  Unfortunately, so many things have changed over the years that keeping a healthy lawn has become a thing of the past.  There are so many factors to consider, that even the professional companies themselves are scratching their heads!  It goes back to basic science… and that revolves around water.  You can read more on turf care here or do your own research, but you will find yourself at the same conclusions that I have come to.  Also, most new home construction sites are filled in with the cheapest fill dirt the land developer can find (not always, but more often).  This is usually sugar sand, a fine silt that resists water from penetrating into it when it is dry (which on hot Florida days, it usually is)!  The water will actually pool on the surface and can evaporate into the atmosphere  before it makes its way to the roots of your lawn.  There is an article I posted on “soil composition” you should view and read before you attempt another lawn.

When looking at the overall investment, one should consider the many benefits that a well thought out landscape design can bring.  Aside the savings on replacement costs and maintenance, there is also the savings of valuable resources like water, and the minimization of chemical usage, not to mention the toxicity these chemicals can cause our environment over time… and of coarse the most important factor to consider Time itself!