Helpful Tips

Here are some Tips you can use to save your hard-earned dollars.

Everyone wants to save more and spend less on the yard, but if you consider how many times the same areas are replaced over and over then you will see where your savings are actually costing more over time.  NOW add in the expense of maintaining those areas between replacement… do you see any real savings now?  Doing the job right the first time is where you will save more and get a lot more for money spent.  With landscaping projects always keep in mind you are working with LIVE materials.  There is no guarantee on life.  We are here today and gone tomorrow… only nature knows when our time is up.  If you want to get more out of life, then we start with nature’s rules …and use some of our own wits!

Tips on Designing a Landscape

Landscaping is like everything else… If you fail to plan plan to fail …you can hope for better, but planing is where the savings will occur.

This video will explain the importance of the landscape design prior to breaking ground.  Like any other property improvement project, landscaping too will add value to your home or place of business.  Thinking of things that will need to be addressed in the future is where the design process begins.  The Landscape Artist explains this and gives a few examples.



Tips On Patios & Pathways

While we are on the subject of adding value to your home or business… A patio or a path is a great way to ensure a good return on your investment in many ways!  Patios and paths are easy to maintain, as most of the work can be done with chemicals.  This video explains the many benefits that come with a patio or path in your landscape design.




Here is why mulching your plant beds is so important.  Other articles will be posted as we get them in.  If you don’t see an answer to a question that you may have, PLEASE send us a shout, and we will post the answers here.


Having trouble keeping your lawn alive? There are some things you should know first, before spending any of your hard-earned dollars! Before you decide to install a new lawn …STOP! …and read this first!

Tips on Planting Beds

Planting beds are much easier to care for than turf grass… believe me!  Grass requires weekly maintenance during the growing season, and with today’s restrictions on water, chemicals, and fertilizers… Caring for a planting area can be as easy as 30 minutes every other week or less.  If planned well your investment will return ten fold as your time in the yard is greatly reduced!