Brick Pavers

There are many companies out there that offer brick pavers to their customers. This year, I decided to offer brick pavers to my clients as well. In all of the work we do, one thing separates our work from the rest, and that is the detail that goes into the preparation. A good preparation is the foundation of any quality job done well. It is crucial that every step be taken with care all of the way to the end.


Interlocking Concrete Brick Pavers

After a good preparation, a quality paver must be used to meet that goal.  There are many styles of stone pavers to choose from, but one in particular has become very popular and are used in most landscape designs abroad.  Interlocking concrete brick pavers are just one style we now offer to our clients.  In the gallery you may see pictures of other paver styles and patterns we do.


My crew takes pride in the workmanship that goes into each project we are currently on, so much so that they take pictures on their camera phones and request the “best of the best” photos that I take from my professional camera for their own portfolios.  It is this mentality that I believe delivers the highest level of quality that is out there.  People who love what they do and take pride in it care about the end product (enough to learn a little about the products they use).  Here is what we found on Interlocking concrete brick pavers.


Facts about Interlocking Pavers

Concrete brick paver projects like these add longevity to any landscape or hardscape project.  We use quality interlocking pavers that come in many colors and shapes to meet you needs and likes.  before you decide what to go with, here are some things to consider.   Not every concrete paver is made alike. Some are weaker and others are much stronger.   Strength of concrete is achieved by the amount of water (less is better), amount of cement (more is better) and amount and size of aggregate (larger is better).  Pavers need to endure a minimum of 8000 lbs/sq inch.  This makes a paver driveway much stronger than a standard concrete driveway (by at least 4 times)!

How Interlocking Pavers Lock Together

There are two elements that keep each stone from moving away from the one next to it.  The sand is very important, and the type of sand even more important.  Each brick has a spacer molded into the side where it will rest against the next one to create a small space for the sand to fill.  As each brick is laid, they are tapped into place with a rubber mallet to close the gap tight.  The sand creates the lock by filling the joints between the pavers, but it must be a sharp sand and not a round sand.  The second element needed to lock in the pavers is a concrete border that will hold the stones in together firmly.  This is the concrete you typically see on the edge of paver pads.  If there is no concrete border or no sand, you will do it again.

I believe the why always explains the how…  this is a very labor intensive job and depending on the design of the project it can take more than a few days to deliver a top quality job, but we do what is needed to get you just that!   Having said all of this, the rest is more eye-candy …Enjoy!


Circle Paver Pattern



Mega Arbel Path



Entry to Home



Paver Driveway


Paver projects will add functionality and  aesthetic appeal to any home, office or commercial property.  This is a very good investment to make if you plan on staying at the property for a while.  It is also a very attractive feature that can speed up the sale of a property on the real estate market.  An investment like this one will always return well if it was done professionally and well thought out.  There are too many DIY projects out there that have to be demolished and rebuilt.  If you are thinking of doing this project yourself, consider hiring a professional that has the right set up to do this type of work.  This is not as simple as building a bird house… the work is dirty, dusty, labor intensive and removing the debris alone requires a solid back and a heavy duty truck.  Saving money here will be done effectively by doing it right the first time and that will require a pro.

If you are thinking of doing a paver project, fill out the form bellow or call: (727)243-7892 day or night.