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 Shaun Sadree began his business fresh out of High School.  Mowing lawns was a way to make money and enjoy the freedom of being self employed.  Later, Shaun would look into other industries to explore, but something kept drawing him back towards the landscape industry.  In 1998, Shaun met Angie and the journey began to the top.

Shaun and Angie Sadree ran the lawn service until November of 2002, when a rare opportunity opened its doors in Los Angeles, California for Shaun in the music business!  As an artist of many talents, music is and was always a favorite.  This opportunity that could have turned this local lawn jockey into a rock star was worth pursuing!  Shaun and his wife, Angie made preparations for him to relocate the band and all of its members to California.  While in Los Angeles, Shaun Sadree got to meet the man who inspired him to pursue a career in music… Gene Simmons of the 70’s rock band, KISS!

You can see more of the Artist’s music career here.

Shaun meets a marketing genius!

The Landscape Artist meets Gene Simmons

Life continued here in Florida, as Angie Sadree managed the family businesses here in Tampa, and managed the band in California.  This remarkable woman is the business end behind Sadree Designs LLC, and she continues to tow the company line.

"The Dragon Lady"

Angie Sadree

In 2004, Shaun, back in Tampa, decided to get back into landscaping again, but not like other Tampa landscapers… His vision was much greater than that!  He wanted to brand a name (his name) that people could trust and respect.  This was the beginning of Sadree Landscape Design as it is today.  The name “Landscape Artist” was given to him by band mates as a way to poke at Shaun …the irony was so comical and fitting that the name just stuck!  Shaun and Angie Sadree continue to operate Sadree Landscape Design and have earned an outstanding reputation in the Tampa area.

With the help of Sadree Web Design, the Landscape Artist could eventually become a household name.  Sadree Web Design is a website design company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and is responsible for all of the Artist’s websites.