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The World Through My Eyes

Track List

  • 1. Dancing on Life’s Strings
  • 2. The Calm & The Storm
  • 3. Crossing Oceans (Part I.)
  • 4. Emotions
  • 5. Inner Peace
  • 6. Memory Lane
  • 7. The World Through My Eyes
  • 8. When Angels Cry
  • 9. Oceans of Time (Part II.)
  • 10. Deja Vu
  • 11. A Ghost in the Machine
  • Bonus Track: Oceans Calling (Part III.)


Available SOON!  This is a tribute to my uncle Taghi.  He was a very loving spirit and an inspiration… I miss him very much, but somehow I feel his presence over me more now than ever before.  This CD is also dedicated to all of those that have left us behind for the after life… May they all Rest in Peace.


Track List

  • 1. Prelude to the Void
  • 2. Requiem
  • 3. Void
  • 4. The Crossing
  • 5. New Worlds
  • 6. The Orb
  • 7. The Shadow People
  • 8. Life After Death
  • 9. Magic
  • 10. Sadness in your eyes
  • 11. Memoir
  • 12. Apparition
  • 13. The Life I Once Had
  • 14. The Dream
  • 15. Life After Death – Remix

Rock Star

I am also working on the next CD project.  This one comes with an 8 page booklet and covers my entire music career!  3 bands are featured in this CD, including my current band, SPELLBINDER.  I have dedicated this project to my wife, Angie, who has put up with my devoted love for music.  Also, the guys that have become my brothers by band… my band mates.  Without them I could not live out my dream as a working artist!

Here is a peak at some of the artwork…



Cover Insert





Riff Raff

These songs were never released!

Riff Raff



This Collection of music also never released!



SPELLBINDER featuring Michael Blair

Spellbinder with Mike Blair


SPELLBINDER featuring Brian Fury

Spellbinder with Brian Fury


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