“The Landscape Artist presents” is a series of videos that can be found on YouTube.  New videos are added frequently.  In this first video, Shaun explains the importance of the design process.



Here are some examples of what I mean by “Go Grassless“.


The next video is a 3 day project called Palm Paradise. Shaun and his team change the look of this plain Tampa landscape design into a beautiful work of art complete with landscape lighting and a water feature!




I am sorry… something happened to this video? We are looking for a copy and will post it as soon as possible.

DAY Three

 Below is the Pond and Waterfall Oasis in the backyard.


Planting Beds will reduce turf areas and provide a safe environment for your plants to grow in.  Turf is a “high maintenance” feature in any landscape design.  Limiting turf areas will reduce your maintenance costs, and your time working in the hot Florida sun!  The next video will show what your yard can look like with more plants instead of all grass.




Below are some Before and After videos.  These videos were used in TV commercials you might have seen over the last few years.