Grassless Florida Friendly Landscaping

The time has come to do something with that old lawn. Why replace it with more grass? The first cold front has already brought with it cooler weather, and a lack of rain. Wouldn’t it be nice to put in something that will look colorful all year long and last many years without a lot of work? Go Grassless.

Low Maintenance Landscape

If you are looking for something easy to maintain, less grass is your best option.  Think about it… grass is the highest maintenance element in any landscape design.  it requires constant attention from mowing, to weeding, to chemical to physical, weekly during the growing season to bi-weekly in the off-season.  Reduce or eliminate this one element and your amount of yard maintenance is also reduced.  This is a no-brainer!

Anytime is the Right Time 

Unlike traditional landscape projects, grassless landscape designs can be installed any time of year.  Hardscape elements like Pavers and Pathways add value to any landscape design.  These projects can also be done in the winter months.  In fact, it is better to plan these projects when the rain is not in the forecast.  Most of my clients like to do all of their work during the hottest and wettest part of the year, and that’s alright… I don’t mind it.  But, why wait?  Getting your plants in the soil during the dormant season will have them established during the growing season.

Save Water and Still Look Great!

Watering plants during the dormant season means using less water.  Less water also helps with having less weeds…nature works like a machine.  One thing effects another and on and on.  If you want a low maintenance landscape, you must design it that way.  Everything has a process that it follows by design.  Grassless yards are designed to save you time, water and money.