Welcome to My Home

My name is Shahryar Sadree, and I guess you can call me a very lucky guy. I have achieved very amazing things in my life and have been able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I am so grateful to have such great friends in the industry, that we are able to work together to serve our communities! After much thought and the state of the world right now… I feel that bringing back The Landscape Artist is in order.

Beautiful landscaping has an effect on the spirit and mind that is priceless. Believe me, I am one with nature, and the freedom I get from it is beyond measure. With the rising costs of landscape maintenance that is sure to come, HOA communities need to think about a better strategy moving forward into a “new normal.”

Real Estate prices are at an all time high and homes in nicer, more desired communities can fetch higher dollars. HOA communities can attract a more desirable buyer when buyers are always looking. The benefits of Florida Friendly Landscaping makes more sense now than ever before! And this is WHY I’ve decided to come back, but this time with my best friend, Danny Ryan, as my partner in this new venture.

Danny Ryan (left) and Shaun Sadree (right)

The Landscape Artist brand will be available again very soon!