About The Artist

Who is the Landscape Artist you ask? Well, if you like beauty brought together through colors, textures and something easily maintainable and functional, then you are a huge fan of his work. Those who had the opportunity to own one of his works do appreciate what went into the preparation and planning. His work didn’t come cheap, but neither did the work and materials going in.

What started out as one small job after another turned into high-budget projects with clients willing to wait months, even years to transform their tired grass lawn into a landscape “fit for a park” as one client mentioned.

After nearly 30 years in the industry and a distinguished career as an international rock and stone artist, Shahryar Sadree, AKA The Landscape Artist, decided to retire at the age of 49, and start to share his knowledge and expertise full-time. Sadree has helped several small businesses find their own level of success over the years. Some have even hired him as a consultant, and some as a coach. Today, he reaches out to anyone in the landscape industry who wants to take their small business to the next level.

The Artist lives by only one rule…the Golden one. Okay maybe two rules…

“Anything worth doing deserves the passion in your heart and the determination to do it right the first time.”

A Little Bit of History

Shaun’s passion for gardening and landscape design began in his early 20’s.  Although he was only cutting lawns back then, his eye for more practical design was taking shape.  By experience in maintenance, he was able to learn the science behind the art of landscaping.  Sadree has always had a fascination with figuring out the unknown.  Those who know him well, say that learning becomes an obsession with him.

Shaun has always had a deep love for music, but his artistic side goes well beyond that.  Once his vision hits paper, it’s on it’s way to becoming a reality.    

Shaun’s work has been featured in newspaper articles, industry magazines, and international coffee table books. Shaun also has an international internship program, with participants eager to learn the ways of The Landscape Artist!